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It’s a fact! Eighty percent of complaints about building cleanliness originate from 5 percent of the building’s area: the restroom.

Janitronics has a solution. SaniGLAZE® is a revolutionary restoration and maintenance system that transforms tile and grout floors to their original appearance and protects the surface from odors, water and discoloration. Hospitals, colleges, universities, schools and government buildings are among the growing list of users that want cleaner, more appealing restrooms and other tiled areas.

“A tile and grout floor is inherently very hard to maintain,” explains Joel Mitchell, vice president of SaniGLAZE®. “The grout is very porous. The dirty mop water used to clean the floor seeps into the tile and becomes trapped if a sealer is used. SaniGLAZE® is a restorative bonding process that changes the integrity of the tile and grout surface to eliminate this problem.”