Janitronics believes that a successful service organization is defined by a system — written, teachable, simplified and supported by all personnel. Cleaning For Health™ is the focus of our system design.

Equipment, cleaning chemicals and materials are carefully selected to meet the cleaning efficacy and cost efficiency. The back pack vacuuming system manifests this standard. Although more expensive than upright vacuums, the back pack removes 65% more soil at twice the production rate at a highly reduced operator fatigue factor. This represents added value to our customers.

Individual job assignments are redefined from the general, zone type to “Specialists.” We created four new disciplines — Light Duty Specialist (“Starter”), Vacuum Specialist (“Closer”), Restroom Specialist (“Sanitor”) and Utility Specialist. This system improves productivity, maintains a more consistent level of cleaning and permits a flexible work schedule.

A new engineered, balanced flow of work is designed to rotate detail cleaning schedules and produce high productivity. The process divides the assigned space into quadrants where we can perform specific cleaning at designated times.

The overall system clearly defines job responsibility, scheduling of work, ease of inspection and requires less training than other popular systems.