The Team Concept

Janitronics developed a high performance cleaning system utilizing team specialists, over the past 10 years. Each team consists of: a Light Duty Specialist (Starter), a Vacuum Specialist (Closer), a Restroom Specialist (Sanitor), and a Utility Specialist. The evolution of the continuous improvement process results in the highest level of operational excellence available. This process yields consistent quality at increased production and requires less training and inspection time.

The team concept holds each individual accountable for a responsibility, interdependent with fellow workers. The design of the system creates discipline by requiring each specialist to only perform his or her specific assignment. The Light Duty Specialist and the Vacuum Specialist operate in tandem with the Light Duty Specialist leading and the Vacuum Specialist closing down the assigned area. They normally do not have contact with the Restroom Specialist or the Utility Specialist. By playing each role effectively, the system works extremely well.

Engineered Workflow

Engineered workflow is the key to the system. The flow of work is predicated on the customer’s cleaning specifications, which identify process and frequency, based on an initial Needs Assessment. The spec is divided into routine, detail and project cleaning. Each specialist performs any of his or her duties utilizing a rotation system that is choreographed around work simplification and distribution criteria.

The effective distribution of work will result in all project work scheduled and completed during normal work routines. Under the popular, but outmoded, zone cleaning system, the work assignments are uneven, resulting in some projects not being completed in a timely fashion.

A master schedule is created and each specialist is given a set of Job Assignment Cards clearly defining their duties on a daily basis.