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Friday June 17th Global Foundries, Fab 8, Malta

 While a group of Janitronics staff were enjoying their dinner break, Robert Pitman, Janitronics Cleanroom Tech began choking. Robert jumped up, grabbed his throat and indicated that he could not breathe. This prompted the immediate attention of 2 of his co-workers, Damiian Lindstadt and William Potter. Damian began to administer the Heimlich maneuver and after a few attempts, William took over and was able to free the obstruction and clear his airway. When being examined after the incident Robert was told that he was very fortunate that these men were there to help him or the outcome could have been much different.

On June 22nd Damian and William were recognized by Janitronics President, Jim Harris Jr. and Global Foundries Facilities Manager, Stan Drajas for their fast action and compassion for their co-worker. Robert Pitman voiced his overwhelming appreciation for both Damian and William and thanked them for his life. William Potter who is a retired police officer and said “this is just part of the Job”. Damian Lindstadt said “I never even thought twice about doing that and I would do it again”.


2016 William B. Johnson Outstanding Performance Award Winner-Julio Jesus

 2016 William B. Johnson Outstanding Performance Award Winner

 Nomination letter:

It is my pleasure to nominate Julio Jesus for the 2016 William B. Johnson Outstanding Performance Award. Julio interviewed for a position with Janitronics in May 1st 2014 and was accompanied by his Job Coach from RSS Beth Harrington. Julio was very nervous about the interview and meeting me for the first time however once I explained to him about being combatable with what I was looking for in an employee and wanting to know about him personally, he gave me one of the best interviews I have ever had.

Julio currently works at Capital District DDSO five days a week and his daily assigned responsibilities are primarily consistent on a weekly basis. Having a very structured environment is important to Julio however he isn’t above helping out wherever is needed. He possesses characteristics that embody the ideal front line employees. He is punctual, well groomed, kind, considerate of others and very well mannered! He manages his time effectively and is always prompt to arrive at any and all designated areas.

While Julio has been employed with Janitronics, he has learned about many challenges that facility companies face for example, seasonal changes. When faced with an abundance of rock salt and calcium chloride being placed around the complex, he will proactively engage in conversations with co-workers and his Supervisory team about utilizing the proper chemicals to provide better quality. He understands the importance of our backpack vacuums in improving indoor air quality within the controlled environments of offices and how it can single handedly assist in people’s health.

Julio works in two separate buildings on the complex, Building 1 and Building 12.  Whether it’s Traci in the Business Office or Shelly in Schenectady Team, our customers really appreciates Julio’s efforts and commitment. Both have said Julio is a joy to be around and has such a positive attitude towards everyone within their office space. He is always willing to work around their needs and is consistent with his assigned tasks. These qualities prove that even with someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder can make a difference!

In closing, while the Site Manager gets credit so often with how well things operate, it really is employees like Julio who give their employer the reputation they have. It is my pleasure to be his direct report and wish him the best in everything he does!                                                                


Frank L. Chiofalo Jr.

Janitronics Site Manager, RBSM


2018 Holiday Season Adopt A Family

2018_Adopt A Family

The holiday season is a time about family, giving, creating memories and causing unexpected smiles. This year, our family at Janitronics has adopted a family in need that was brought to our attention by one of our very own Supervisors.

At the center of this family is eight-year-old  Tori along with her fourteen-year-old brother. Tori had been diagnosed with a myriad of blood flow, heart, and neurological disorders at the end of last year. Her advancing conditions required their family to move from South Carolina to Scotia, NY, with relatives, just to be closer to the Boston Children’s Hospital here in New England.

At this time, there is no known cure for Tori’s complex conditions, yet Tori, Chandler, their parents, and their husky still find ways to stay positive despite all these hardships.

Due to the excessive medical bills and traveling costs, Christmas presents have not been at the fore-front of the family’s minds.  We felt we should take this opportunity to give back and brighten up the holiday of this little girl and young boy who are both unimaginably affected by the constant treatments, traveling, and having to be taken in and out of school.


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