Jim Harris Sr. was thinking big when he started Janitronics Facility Services in 1972 as a local cleaning service. The company has since evolved into a seven branch, comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and management service, but has a new approach: Thinking small; we specialize in creating, and sustaining a healthy indoor environment utilizing state of the art, effective ‘cleaning systems’ based on validated cleaning science research.

First and foremost, the science of cleaning at Janitronics means staying on the cutting edge. The company uses state-of-the-art equipment that trap particles as small as 1/120 the diameter of a human hair. To increase productivity, Janitronics developed its’ Systeam Cleaning TMconcept, utilizing state of the art workflow based on systems thinking and high performance standards.

In 2000 the leadership of the company completed a succession transition to Jim Harris, Jr. "We're not your traditional janitorial service," says Harris Jr., CEO of Janitronics Inc., headquartered in Albany, N.Y. "We're not just dumping wastebaskets and cleaning restrooms. We're cleaning a work environment to maintain a high health standard; focused on properly removing bio-contaminants and airborne particles measured in microns.  We're thinking small in a big way and have transformed cleaning into a science."

Another key component of Janitronics is continuous training and rigorous quality control.  “Generally speaking, the cleaning industry in North America has put an emphasis on blindly lowering costs,” says Harris, Jr.; the question is …the cost of what?  “We take a different approach.  Since the mid-1980s, we’ve made training and quality assurance our top priority.  Training ensures the efficient application of our state-of-the-art cleaning methods.  And we’ve been able to contain costs by taking a systems approach that constantly improves, resulting in more cost-efficient processes anchored by sustainability practices.”

The science of cleaning also requires attracting great people to operate, manage and measure our system.  Every employee with Janitronics undergoes an in-depth background check and drug screening test prior to employment.  No exceptions. In addition, Janitronics encourages professional development through continuing education and certification.

Recently Janitronics received a renewal of its’ CIMS - Cleaning Industry Management Standard certification With Honors. The CIMS certification was designed for the facility service providers by industry leaders and Initiated by the ISSA—The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. In addition Janitronics was awarded the CIMS-GB a new designation in recognition of leadership in Green Cleaning processes.

As a result of building a quality corporate culture, employee turnover is significantly lower than industry standards.  “The average turnover in our industry for operations managers is less than two years,” say Jim Harris Jr.  “At Janitronics, it’s seven years.  The average customer contract in our industry is three years; we are very proud of our average contract with customers at 11 years.  We have customers who stay with us and build relationships that are now going on 10, 20, 30 and 40 years.”

In addition to the commercial real estate and educational markets, Janitronics has developed clientele in critical cleaning which includes major HealthCare facilities and fortune 500 controlled environments.

Jim Harris Jr. says Janitronics’ growth is a testament to how more and more organizations recognize the multiple benefits of meticulous cleaning procedures.  “As the experts in the science of clean, we’ll continue to make sure our company’s capabilities and values always match the needs of our clients,” he says.