In August of 1996, Janitronics renovated an 18,000 SF building for our new headquarters. It is a testament to our commitment to training. The complex is designed around the Training Center, and it was the first space to be defined within it. Poorly trained personnel, working in an inadequate system, inevitably make more mistakes. These mistakes take time to correct, creating extra costs, which must be passed on to the customer or absorbed by the service provider. A trained staff working in an efficient system is a “win-win” scenario for everybody. Janitronics believes a service organization must develop a system of operations to effectively train its personnel. A properly trained employee can make the right decisions when the unanticipated occurs during his or her shift.

Simplified job positions simplify training. A Vacuum Specialist is trained in proper usage of the backpack system and becomes very proficient in a relatively short time. We reduce training time per employee by 70%.

Supervisory personnel are trained in all aspects of the cleaning operation, time-management, supplies control and customer service. As we move to real-time reporting through wireless devices, they are being exposed to computer and software training provided by outside sources.

We expect our training and re-training to produce two results: effective and efficient execution of our system, and changed behavior for proper service attitude and team building.